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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Night on the water

violets in spring

It's here! Spring has arrived, and for once it seems the weather and the calendar are in agreement. Today is sunny and warmer. Tomorrow will be another story...but that's spring for you. I feel hopefulness in the air, new things growing and blooming, things of the earth and of the heart. Everything good and joyful seems possible! 

That reminds me of sailing on inland lakes in my youth. Here is a poem about those days (and nights).

Night on the Water

Evening settles in stillness, amber sun like caramel poured
On barely rippled water, satin stretching to sunset skyline.
Our island bunkhouse noses into waterfowl feeding forest
Of reeds, with whispering rustle in absence of breeze, unexplored.
We and the squawkers and splashers nestle, wrapped in darkness benign.
Tonight we sleep to the soft slap and splish, sharing nature's nest.

Until next week

Claire Belberg

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